Pristinet was founded in 2013 by Nat Kannan and is managed by Douglas Henston. It is located in Boulder, Colorado.

Nat is a seasoned entrepreneur who believes in commercializing ideas that can improve lives. While he was doing his doctoral work, he was introduced to the ground-breaking book, Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson (1962 Houghton Mifflin).  It opened his eyes to environmental degradation in advanced economies despite government regulations. Ever since then he has been obsessed with inventing solutions to environmental problems driven by consumer demand for toxin-free products rather than by government imposed regulations alone. Pristinet embodies this vision of empowering consumers with high quality information to take control of the quality of water in their homes, schools, and work places and mitigate risks to their family health and wellness.

Nat was educated at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India in Mechanical Engineering and at Dartmouth College in Computer Simulation and Business.


Douglas Henston is also an entrepreneur and an experienced manager who believes that technology and information is best used to serve consumers by improving the quality of their lives. He has worked towards that end for over 10 years.  He is a strong supporter of the notion that a better environment supports our better health and well-being. And his personal experiences with his daughter’s health reinforces his views that environmental toxins can adversely impact children's health.  He envisions Pristinet as a critically important service that provides timely and useful information and guidance to consumers on toxins in their drinking water so that they can make smart, informed choices to protect the health of their families. Doug has a passion towards the development and delivery of valuable consumer products and information services.  He spent over a decade dedicated to advancing clean energy technology.

Doug was educated at Yale University in Biochemistry and at Harvard University in Business. He also served as an aviator in the US Navy.