How is government protecting us from toxins in drinking water now?

The US Government's Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) ensures through regulations that your drinking water is "legally safe," based on limits on a small set of 115 contaminants.  The "legally safe" water is often unhealthy due to a long list of unregulated chemical contaminants found in source waters such as rivers and lakes, which supply almost all of our drinking water.  By default, consumers are asked to be guinea pigs for toxins used in agriculture and industry.  

Given the arduous and time consuming political consensus process, US Federal and State governments do an admirable job of ensuring safe drinking water for all Americans by regulating and monitoring 115 contaminants.  But their best efforts fall far short of the need as there are an estimated 2000 new chemicals introduced into our ecosystem every year. No one knows much about their toxicity until people are exposed to them and suffer ill effects. Effectively, we all are treated as guinea pigs in this giant national experiment to see if a new chemical is harmful to our health, before they are regulated.

Elected officials are under constant pressure from voters for economic growth and jobs, often at the expense of environment and safe drinking water. As a result, the drinking water safety regulations have been exposed as being woefully inadequate by the recent spill of toxic chemicals in Elk River, West Virginia impacting 300,000 people in the Charleston area.  It is the worst accident in US history. There are over 10,000 accidental toxic chemical spills reported each year in the US. No one knows how they impact our drinking water sources - rivers, lakes, and ground water.

You are on your own for protecting your family from the unregulated, unmonitored, and known number of toxic chemicals in your tap water and your home. Pristinet's sole mission is to help you take control of your toxin exposure and protect your family's health.